When we needed storage in Dallas

I almost never get as far as I’m planning on when I write these posts. I mean, it’s deliberate to keep it spontaneous of course. It’s the spontaneity that has gotten me to where I am today so I wouldn’t change that. Especially since it could mean that you guys wouldn’t read my texts anymore. What a disaster that would be.

Anyways, last week I told you about the time when I got to choose a company to trust with storage in Dallas. Quite a random topic, I know. For those of you who missed it, this was what it was about:

So, we were branching out due to heavily increased sales activities. We became popular and we wanted to move out into the country, where our customers were. Dallas was one place that we wanted to move our business to, and to do that, we needed storage. This task was awarded to me and, if I can say it myself, I did a pretty good job.

We’ve now been in Dallas, using the same company for storage for close to 3 years. That feels insane to just say. It feels like we got there yesterday. Feels like I had my first meeting with the storage company in Dallas earlier this morning. Time flies, and we all know that so that’s no big deal.

Anyways, after I posted about out storage in Dallas, a lot of you contacted me. A lot of you wanted my advice when it came to just that: Choosing storage company, not just in Dallas of course, but all over the place. Therefore, I’m back again with this topic. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert on the matter. However, what I can do is give you guys some advice for how I was thinking when I choose storage in Dallas. What was important to us at the time.

The first thing that I made sure was that the storage in Dallas was big enough for us to grow. Why? Because everything was pointing at a quite heavy growth for our company. The other thing was that I wanted the storage to be close to our facilities in Dallas. It felt convenient. The last thing that I focused on was transparency. I always think more info is better. I wanted to be able to reach them if I needed to know something – quick and effectively.
Need to leave now. Write if you lack an answer to your question, OK?